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A1. Edamame 삶은 콩

Lightly salted steamed soy bean. Vegetarian available.


A10. Haemul-pajeon 해물파전

Seafood pancake(Squid, fish cake(pallack), with vegetables.


A11. Garden Salad 샐러드


A13. Spicy seafood soup 해물스프

Spicy soup with assorted seafood and vegetables.


A14. Miso Soup 미소스프

White miso soup with chopped seaweed, green onions, & tofu.


A15. Seaweed Salad 샐러드


A2. Fried Dumpling or Steam 군만두


A3. Shumai (Shrimp) 슈마이


A4. Gohyang Combo / 고향콤보세트

3 pieces gyoza, 2 pieces shumai, 2 pieces gimmari


A5. Squid Tempura /오징어 튀김

Squid rings dipped in light tempura batter and fried in hot oil


A6. Shrimp Tempura 새우튀김


A7. Vegetable Tempura 야채튀김

Vegetarian available.


A8. Tteok Bokki 떡볶이

Spicy rice cake. Vegetarian available. Add Ramen noodles $2.00


A9. Kimchi Pajeon 김치파전

Kimchi pancake. Vegetarian available.




Side Of White Rice


Vegetable Egg roll



R1. Bibimbap 비빔밥

Rice topped w. assortment of seasoned vegetables and fried egg, served w. spicy mixing sauce. Vegetarian available.


R3. Japchae 잡채밥

Stir fried sweet potato noodles and vegetables. Vegetarian available.


R4. Jangeo Deopbap 장어덮밥

Grilled eel w. rice.


R5. Yeoneo Deopbap 연어덮밥

Grilled salmon bibimbap.


Korean Kimbap Rolls

K1. Classic Kimbap

cucumber, dailkon, egg, crabmeat, fishcake, burdock root, spinach, carrot, ham


K2. Samgyeobsal Kimbap

Fried pork belly, kimchI, romaine lettuce, green bell pepper, homemade ssamjang sauce.


K3. Bulgogi Kimbap

Bulgogi, cucumber, dalkon, spinach, egg, burdock root, crabmeat, fishcake



S1. Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개

Traditional kimchi stew w. tofu, pork.


S10. Budae Jjigae 부대찌개 (2인분)

Spicy kimchi stew w. sausage, ham, noodles and tofu. (For two)


S2. Sundubu Jjigae 순두부찌개

Soft tofu stew w. seafood.


S3. Dwenjang Jjigae 된장찌개

Traditional Korean soy bean stew w. tofu, onion, zucchini, mushroom, pepper and potato. Vegetarian available.


S4. Kal Bi Tang 갈비탕

Tender short ribs w. sliced radish in homemade beef broth.


S5. Yuk Gae Jang 육개장

Finely shredded beef w. scallions, mushrooms in spicy beef broth.


S6. Tteok Manduguk 떡만두국

Beef or vegetable dumplings and rice cake soup.


S7. Haemul Jjamppong 해물짬뽕

Hot spicy noodle soup w. assorted seafood and vegetables.


S8. Gul Jjamppong 굴짬뽕

Spicy noodle soup w. oyster, more seafood, and vegetables.


S9. Jajangmyon 자장면



F1. Tangsuyuk (Chicken or Pork) 탕수육

Deep fried meat w. sweet and sour sauce.


F2. Kkanpunggi 깐풍기

Fried chicken w. sweet and spicy sauce.


F3. G.F.C Gohyang Fried Chicken 양념치킨

Fried chicken dish prepared in a Korean style w. spicy sauce on the side.


F4. Dakgangjeong / 닭강정 닭강정

Boneless bite -sized chicken nugget deep fried with special Korean spicy-sweet sticky sauce with chopped peanuts.



M1. Kalbi 갈비

Grilled marinated short ribs.


M10. Dubu Kimchi 두부 김치

Boiled tofu w. stir fried kimchi and pork.


M11. Durucheeghee 삼겹살 두르치기

Stir-fried pork belly & kimchi served on a hot plate


M12. Jeyuk Deopbap 제육덮밥

Spicy marinated barbecue pork served over rice in a hot stone bowl.


M13. Bokkeum Udong 볶음우동

Stir-fried udon noodles w. assorted chicken or beef or pork or shrimp


M14. Yakisoba 야끼소바

Stir-fried Japanese ramen noodles with vegetables. Add shrimp $3.00, Beef or pork $2.00, chicken $2.00 , tofu $1.00


M2. Bulkalbi 불갈비

Spicy Kalbi


M3. Bulgogi 불고기

Thinly sliced grilled marinated beef.


M5. Osam Bulgogi 오삼불고기

Squid and pork belly stir-fried in spicy sauce.


M6. Ojingeo Bokkeum 오징어 볶음

Stir fried squid in spicy sauce.


M7. Jeyuk Bokkeum 제육볶음

Thinly sliced pork stir fried in spicy sauce.


M8. Buldak Bokkeum 불닭볶음

Spicy chicken bulgogi, with chicken thigh and vegetables. marinated in homemade sauce


M9. Mapa tofu 마파두부

Stir fried tofu & vegetables stir fried. Add shrimp $3.00, chicken or tofu $1.00.